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A Place To Find Your Future

Divination Class
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If you haven't been sorted go to real_hogwarts

Just A Few Guidlines:

1) All homeworks assignments, quizzes, ect., should be sent to shakinbacon5702@yahoo.com or it will not be counted or graded.

2) If the assingment is not recieved on time no points will be awarded unless you've spoken to me at least 24 hours before the due date.

3) Homework assignments will be worth 25 points, quizzes will be worth 50 points and tests will be worth 100 points.

4) If you don't like my lessons, teaching methods, ect. then you'll have to learn to deal. I don't take crap from whiners. (Yes, I know I sound like the evil P.E. teacher from everyone's nightmares...)

5) Please have respect for me and your fellow students. Insults and negative critizism will not be taken lightly. If there is an issue, you may take it up with me in a polite, mature manner.

6) Have fun and learn a lot!!

Divination Students:
Gryffindor: 1
Hufflepuff: 3
Ravenclaw: 1
Slytherin: 1

Points Earned So Far:
Gryffindor: 15
Hufflepuff: 80
Ravenclaw: 18
Slytherin: 30

As Always, Be Divine.
-Professor Maddie-